2019 Baseball Canada Cup – Team Nova Scotia

The 2019 Baseball Canada Cup (17U Nationals) gets underway tomorrow in Regina, Saskatchewan. I will be watching each of the Team Nova Scotia games and providing updates during the tournament. To kick things off I thought I would provide a bit of information about the team and their schedule.

The Team Nova Scotia roster can be found HERE.

For any college coaches out their who may be interested in getting more information about Team Nova Scotia, the team’s FieldLevel profile can be found HERE.

The Nova Scotia tournament schedule can be found HERE. That link takes you to the NS schedule on the Game Changer website where you can see live updates and request email updates.

PLEASE NOTE – all game start times listed are local Saskatchewan time, which right now is aligned aligned to Mountain Time as Saskatchewan doesn’t adjust to Daylight Savings Time as most Provinces do.

Things get started for Team NS tomorrow (August 7th) at 11:00 AM Saskatchewan time with a tough matchup against Team Alberta.


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